Top News Headlines - Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rates of oral HPV infection were reduced in young adults who had been vaccinated, suggesting protection from oropharyngeal cancer.

Given the variability between height and weight during growth, tri-ponderal mass index (weight divided by height cubed) may be a more accurate way of estimating body fat among adolescents.

Efficacy of atropine is independent of dose, while adverse effects are dose dependent

General consensus supporting early multimodality treatment for infantile hemangiomas of the nose

CDC recommends retesting for certain children, pregnant women and nursing mothers

It's hard to say for sure which kids will benefit most from a common childhood surgery for infections and fluid buildup in the middle ear, a research review suggests.

More than half of U.S. adults who should get vaccinated against measles before traveling abroad don't do it, a new study suggests.

Early- and midcareer physicians report similar levels of burnout, suggesting broader issues in medicine may be at play, researchers said.

Device uses magnetic catheters to draw the upper and lower esophagus together

Adalimumab offers benefits over methotrexate in children and adolescents with severe chronic plaque psoriasis, according to a phase 3 trial.

A strategy based on antibodies might make it possible to diagnose pediatric celiac disease without the need for biopsy in some patients, researchers report.

Symptoms such as inattention, impulsivity raise accident risk, researchers say

People need to be extra cautious when outdoors, with more of the critters after a mild winter

Main cited benefits include convenience, decreased costs; privacy, adequate physical exam are concerns

HCV infection among infants is vastly underreported, suggesting the need for routine testing in pregnant women, a new CDC study has found.

This paper critically reviews the current evidence linking vitamin D deficiency to anemia risk in children.

But human protection is still years away, researcher says

Watching a video can calm and distract a pediatric cancer patient undergoing radiotherapy and negate the need for general anesthesia (GA).

An estimated 12,500 U.S. children are injured every year after misuse, researchers say

Urgent need to increase vision screening, awareness of the importance of preschool vision exam

The largest surveillance study to date shows over-the-counter cough and cold medicines are generally safe for children younger than 12 years; most AEs reported were tied to accidental ingestion.

Many parents of children with debilitating gastrointestinal disorders may be frustrated by the lack of good treatment options and tempted to try herbal remedies at home, but a new study suggests they should proceed with caution.

Among infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome, treatment time was almost halved when infants received sublingual buprenorphine instead of oral morphine, a new study has found.

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