Top News Headlines - Tuesday, November 21, 2017

uNGAL testing appeared to outperform urinalysis and gram staining for UTI diagnosis in this population, but more study is needed.

The Food and Drug Administration says codeine painkillers shouldn't be given to children under age 12.

Reduction in prevalence of atypical antipsychotic use after peer review policy implementation

Young athletes have a very low risk of suffering a fatal cardiac arrest -- and most of those tragic cases probably cannot be predicted, new research suggests.

Majority of study parents willing to use teledermatology

250-mcg patch produces significant treatment response compared with placebo after 12 months

Systemic, but not inhaled, corticosteroids associated with higher fracture risk in pediatric asthma patients

The study is one of the first to examine causes of death and cause-specific death rates among children and young adults with diabetes in a nationwide setting.

More pediatricians are counseling their young patients about the importance of sun protection and the dangers of indoor tanning, but counseling rates still remain low, according to new research.

Heart murmur that resolves when a child moves from a supine to a standing position can reliably rule out pathologic heart murmurs in pediatric patients, a study found.

Updated guidelines for the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis address key clinical scenarios in an effort to reduce cost to patients and variations in care.

This review provides an update on the advances in the understanding of SJIA biology and also the therapeutic options.

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, first developed to help guard against cervical cancer, also seems to protect against a rare, chronic childhood respiratory disease, a new study suggests.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a relatively common condition in children. New research uncovers how it can interfere with memory formation.

It is not uncommon for teenagers to experiment with drinking alcohol. But what impact does alcohol have on the development of their brain? This study points to a trajectory in gray matter decline.

And 2013 to 2016 saw progress being made toward immunization information systems program goals

A new, genetically inactivated acellular pertussis vaccine appears to be safe and immunogenic in adolescents presumed to have received their primary vaccination series in childhood, researchers from Thailand report.

All subgroups of degree, frequency, and laterality had lower prevalence of hearing loss in 2010 vs. 2006

A modified body-mass index (BMI) z-score chart based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2000 age- and sex-specific percentile growth charts better tracks growth in severely obese or underweight children, as well as in normal children.

Vaccinating all patients saves $33.51 per flu case averted, averages 27 fewer cases per 1,000 patients

Still, most adolescents are not going to well visits, and overall preventive care rates are low

For a child with spastic cerebral palsy, simply grasping a toy may be impossible. But infusions of their own umbilical cord blood might make basic movements like this easier.

Decrease from 50 percent in 2005 to 19 percent in 2015; not linked to increase in hospital readmissions

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