Top News Headlines - Saturday, March 24, 2018

New standard of care should be a palliative care consultation for every pediatric cancer patient who enrolls in a phase 1 clinical trial, say Canadian researchers.

New data suggest that the pediatric hydrocortisone formulation Infacort is equivalently absorbed whether taken directly by mouth or sprinkled on soft food.

High-flow oxygen therapy may be more effective than standard oxygen therapy in preventing care escalation among infants with bronchiolitis treated outside an intensive care unit.

96.7, 61.8 percent of school nurses report anaphylaxis training for staff, classroom guidelines

Teens and young adults who harm themselves without suicidal intent often kill themselves soon afterward, and the increased risk of death is greatest when guns are involved, a U.S. study suggests.

Positive link for parent-centered decision making with decisions that have potential to harm infant

Golf cart crashes involving children can result in serious injuries, a new study confirms.

Fair-skinned children and young adults should get counseling on how to avoid sunburns that can lead to skin cancer, according to new guidelines from U.S. physicians.

The results call for screening in affected families to reduce the risk for SIDS, which remains the leading cause of death in the first year of life.

Teens who hide their true sexual orientation are at higher risk for suicidal behaviors, a new study suggests.

Severe traumatic brain injury increases SADHD risk; within TBI group, familial dysfunction ups risk

Findings may help prevent unnecessary genetic testing of surviving family members

Weight-loss surgery may help severely obese teens with type 2 diabetes far more than medication and lifestyle changes alone, new research suggests.

Intervention included QI training, provider prompts, communication training, performance feedback

Calculator had near perfect calibration in validation sample; high degree of discrimination

An innovative program that combines CBT with neuromuscular training tips from sports medicine is more effective in reducing disability in teens with fibromyalgia than CBT alone, says new research.

Oseltamivir, a drug used to treat influenza, was not linked to an increased risk for suicide in children in a large case-crossover study.

Genetic risk for Alzheimer's may be related to cognition and hippocampal volume in childhood, a finding with implications for disease prevention, risk detection, and pathogenesis.

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